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After 6 years at Riverside Shopping Centre, we’re sad to announce the permanent closure of Jintara Thai Sushi Dim Sum.

The restaurant was part of countless celebrations, lazy lunches, and milestone events; having started as part of the franchise Erawan and rebranding as Jintara late in 2019, just before COVID 19 hit us hard.

Unfortunately, Jintara is closing due to the financial strain of the the ongoing lockdown restrictions. We have exhausted every option and unfortunately see no way to move forward in our current situation.

We hope to be remembered for our exquisite Asian cuisine, and friendly staff.

Jintara’s staff members are all highly skilled and expertly trained. If you know of an opportunity for any one of them, please send us a DM on facebook.

We warmly thank our loyal clientele for all your support over the years, as well as our wonderful staff for serving the community for all these years.

We are very sad and will miss you all.
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